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Wide Awake VR
I worked on this character together with Vimal Kerketta who took care of the likeness and Salim Ljabli who did additional modeling and tweaking and also took care of the body model and accessories

My job was to keep this somewhat believable.
I started with processing of the scans of a guy with a similar age and skin type to Trump. the high quality scan data were provided by Alexx Henry. I took those scanned details and transferred them onto the Trump model with the same topology I got from Vimal and Salim.
Then i did the skin textures, and all the fine pore and wrinkle details based on the initial scans.
After that I took the assets into Unreal Engine 4 and worked on the lookdev, shaders, lighting and VR integration
credits for the reatime hair goes to Airship Images. and the oval office was modeled and textured by Joshua Houser.